Heart Bath



“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45 KJV
I believe everyone to have “some” evil in their heart. If we didn’t then we would be perfect…and we aren’t. The key word here is ABUNDANCE. If you are alone and you tripped over a rock going in to work this morning and you said a ‘certain’ word to the rock then that doesnt make me, I mean said person, abundantly evil.

However, if we are constantly gossiping, stirring peoples pots, lying, and so on…if it is our lifestyle to use our mouth to tear down, insult, lie, and if we were on television and nobody know a thing we are trying to say because of all the editing bleeps…. then maybe check our heart. If one or more of these is our idea of fun and gives us joy then our hearts may be ABUNDANTLY full of the wrong stuff. It might be time for a heart bath.  Maybe, for some of us, a little disinfecting and deodorizing, as well…and that’s ok! If we clean it out and make some room for Jesus, our lives will ABUNDANTLY improve. He guarantees it! ♥

JP/Grace and Pink



8 thoughts on “Heart Bath

  1. Very excellent truth in this post.

    I feel like this:

    If someone has a mouth that is basically unrestrained & constantly spewing wickedness, strife, contempt, hatred, vulgarity, etc. (that should grieve the Holy Spirit within a Christian)…but that person has no internal problem with that constantly flowing from their mouth, I would ask them to consider if they are genuinely born again or not.

    I have to admit also that my mouth is among my biggest liabilities. So often I wish I would have obeyed Proverbs and have kept my mouth shut when my mouth has caused unnecessary unpleasantness.

    God bless you sister.

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    1. Oh, I forgot to mention “lying.”

      (This is a periphery comment)

      Did you notice that after you got saved, that you can’t lie like you once did?
      I’ve noticed that to be true in my case.

      I don’t mean that in any way in regards to my ethics or morality.
      I mean that as a testament to the Holy Spirit’s restraint on me.

      All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ. 🙂

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    2. I wholeheartedly agree! I believe that if any sin doesn’t give you some level of inner guilt or uncomfortableness (possibly a new word there), at the least, then I’d also question if I were even saved at all. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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